el-mesa7ayangy 1400G

my latest invensions...

elmesa7-ayan-gey 1400 Generation..


-Two copper made rings "of the (3edet telephone 2ors bayez) " producing noisy reasonance
-The spare rope of my old sports shoes
-A big yellowish brown envelope made as a cone at a terminal of the rope
-My mobile alarm

the mobile is hanged with the cone shaped envelope & one copper ring at a terminal of the rope..
the other terminal is hanged at the curtain above my bed
when the mobile rings it rings directly above my ears & the cone augments the sound with the ring

100% effective in waking me up

comments :
"universal..sha3'aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal " said the cocker ad :P :D

& at last :

el 7aga mesh el e7'tera3...la2 2ommoo

Posted by Mohammad Aboul-wafa on Wednesday, March 29, 2006 at 1:06 AM | Permalink

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