The "super EGO"

This is a mail i sent to some new contact.....i guess i woul better remove my super ego in the garbage :D

Al salamu alaykom..

you have just added me to you msn list...

i really do not know who are you or how you got my e mail,
but "no offence" i mean nothing but the mere truth in my following words..

I just love my God so much...& fear disobeying Him..
I belive & assured that talking & relationing with opposite sex for no reason except social relations etc. is not welcomed by Him...& I really seek obeying Him in that issue..

if you added me for something other than social human relation like chatting etc. i am under your service...but please inform me.

if not i really admire & like your step..but there is someone i love Him more & seek satysfying him more....

best regards...

Locus cerolius

Posted by Mohammad Aboul-wafa on Friday, March 31, 2006 at 9:12 PM | Permalink

helwa :D

Posted by Blogger karakib | 12:04 AM  

it is a mental choice...but only mental :'(:'(

Posted by Blogger ma7shy | 8:25 PM  

i admire u coz of that.

Posted by Blogger still breathing | 12:54 PM  

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