za3'rota ya 7abayeb....!!

Few days ago..when Mr.Al-malkey prime minister of Iraq announced "Allah yer7amu (aho muslim bardo)" the elimination of Mr. "Al-zarr-kau=wee"(الزركاوي)....,

at the same moment of his words....& SUDDENLY....

a woman "smashed a zaghrota) fa2a3et za3' meneen?????????????????

it was a conferrence in such place that you have to cross over 10000 security men & no entrance without permession etc.
then it must be a journalist who did so (:D).....

What americans seemed they do not that smashing..errr i mean "fa23et" el za3' a special ability...& women for that mission are born not made...& they are those of less cultured people in Arabs who do that spontaneusly like the way that mighty woman did.

Any way I know well that this smashing was not directed to that fat guy elli 2a3ed bel farenna beyetfara3 3ala el jazeera awel ma se7ey mel nom we hoowa beyeftar...but there is not objection towards smashing him "nef2a3oo" 3al sob7eyya....:S:S:S


Posted by Mohammad Aboul-wafa on Thursday, June 15, 2006 at 7:37 PM | Permalink

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