Between understanding & falsy measures

One could be heavily blamed for loving a girl for only his attraction to her..while no one on earth ever blamed before for not loving someone for the same concept.weird thing that it is logically the opposite.

A 37 years woman without marriage is technically termed "out of service"..but in fact she felt so much earlier.
"being a fat woman is a curse in a life dominated by (water melon-shaped abdominal protrusion ed) people of opposite sex"
But after all; marrying to a fat woman was not a problem to him neither the 37 of experience mentioned in her life's "CV"nor the broad nose was a problem..seems that having similar problems makes him understands what they do commonly share.

Anyway understanding does not matter.."understanding is to have an internal life..while interacting is to have an external one", human being is the number for the tries to unify both together.
Interacting is what really matters.. so they have unified together in what we can not exactly call love..but "preferability" is a more accurate term..
& she became pregnant..& she was exactly & accurately termed happy..both of them indeed.

The two twins as her abdomen announced after 9 long months were not so similar to each other indeed..a pretty baby & an ugly one..but what makes it strange is that both of them shared a single heart & both were stuck to each other from the chest which is not possible as the doctors declared surprisingly.
Any way they said that one will live on the expense of the other..but they left the question to their parents whether the pretty or the ugly baby will be the dead one..
The mother insisted that both must live & no one will be dead..even the dangerous consequences that will happen to both of them..
later..after 4 years of unification,both died suddenly without a clear cause indeed..nearly hugging each other..sharing one heart..& one destiny

She looked to him with tears in their eyes for the first love moment between them & told him some words he didn't understand.."This is life..falsy measures needs false understanding to get it well.."said her.
But it is not important the understanding..any way.

Posted by Mohammad Aboul-wafa on Friday, August 11, 2006 at 3:50 PM | Permalink

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